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Progress, the Natural City

March 12, 2013

March 8th, 2013

The City is coming along well. I want to keep as much of the design simple as possible, yet still interesting, aesthetic, and functional. The overall plan for this project is to develop a miniature ecosystem of plant, insect, and animals. Along with this design, I am showing the relationship of “man-made” and “nature-made” structures. The relationship that I envision suggesting to this project is the idea that our “civilization” and other “man-made” structures can be considered “natural” in a sense. Their is an argument that art is the imitation of life and nature. Man mimics that things he or she observes. This project is a representation of that. By mimicking an ecosystem, this sculpture will be “living” evidence and definition of Biomimicry. If this project goes well, this could help sustain ecosystems of animals that live in the city. Similar to Central Park in Manhattan, these natural cities will serve as communities for wildlife to grow  and prosper. One possibility is to have these natural cities stationed on top of buildings. The Gallery below are my visual notes and ideas of how to construct the project.

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